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GM5 - SA (Surgical Assistance)
Surgical Assistance to International Medical Outreach program, organized at Bohol, Philippine, March 28 - April 02, 2014.

Give Me Five Foundation actively participate in the "International Medical Outreach Program" organized by Seattle, USA based the iHope Organization at Bohol, Philippines. The Give Me Five Foundation assisted this mission by sending our surgical team to perform the surgeries short listed in this mission. Our Team successfully conducted many surgeries for needy patients during this mission.

The aim of the program was to help people who are poort and less privileged. The overall team consisted 18 people with suppor tfrom local doctors and volunteers. This mission helped our foundation to actively collaborate with the international organizations to invrease are of reach different countries. It was great learnnig experience for our team also in terms of local cultures, people and available resources.

During this camp we travelled from Menila to Bohol, It is an island country with good connecting network of roads in between the islands. The natual disasters like typhoons and earthquakes are very common in this country. Even the present mission was also planned for the area which is suffering from natual disasters

Surgical Mission, Wadala, India, March 2015

Our foundation organized the surgical mission at FJFM Hospital, in Wadala Village of Ahmednagar District. This rural charitable hospital is catering services to approximately 200 KM in nearby locality.

Our team conducted approximately 5 screeing camps at FJFM Hospital, Wadala to select the patients for surgical mission. We started screening camps approximately 2 months before the actual date of mission. We screened alsmost 100 patients for surgery during these camps. The patients were mainly of Lymphedema, Post Burn Defomity, Congental Hand Deformlities of Children.

During this mission Prof. Hung Chi Chen (Taiwan), Fabio Nicoli (Italy), Perdro Ciudad (Peru), Mathew Yeo (Singapore), Kidakorn Kiranantawat (Thailand), Jerome Santos(Philippines), Mike Moon(USA), Jim Maneja, Meriris Santos, Richard Ervina(Philippines), Nikhil Panse(Pune), Mangesh Tandale(Aurangabad), Sujit Khade(Auranagabad), Ravi Prabhakaran, Mrs. Prabhakaran(FJFM Wadala), Santosh Chilgar, Babu Sawant, Suni Maharnawar, Ram Chilgar (Aurangabad), and many more came from different parts of India and other countries and participate in the mission to help the needy people. Total 42 surgeries performed in the mission during duration of two and half day. Our team performed first microsurgery for filarial Lymphedema in the charitable mission in the world. After the surgical camps all patients were kept in follow up for dressings and physiotherapy for 3 months.

Surgical Mission, Shirdi, India, March 2015

The surgical mission was planned in collboration with temple trust of Shirdi and Shri Sainath Hospital, 200 riims, Shirdi, Ahmednagar. The screening camp were started from Jamuary 2018 on every saturday in Sainath Hospital. The camp was organized on 19 to 21 st March 2018 . It was centenary year of Shri SaiBaba Samadhi and our team also decided to perform 100 surgeries free of cost to offer our services to shri Saibaba.

88 Patients ware admitted, we run 5 operation rooms from morning 8 AM to 8 PM. We performed total 77 Surgeries in three days. It includes many burn deformities, may congenital deformities, one branchial plezus surgery. on filarial Lymphedema surgery. After two days one surgeron from our team perform remainng 11 surgeries in single day and again in month of June 2018 our team member performed 13 surgeries in single day to complete the tally of 101 surgeries under this mission as a mark of our love, passion and prayer to needy people.

Our team included Microsurgeons, Prof. Hung Chi Chen, Fabio Nicoli, Mathew Yeo, Kidakorn Kirntawat, Stamatis Sapountzis, Benjamin Wood, Shu Yun, Michele Marrucia, Daniels Sabina, from differen countries like England, Taiwan, Greece, Italy, Singapore, Thailand and many Microsurgeons rom India like Unnikrishnan, Mangesh Tandale, Ram Childar.